Monday, November 1, 2010

Lip Mechanism

The concept for this part is that the wires will move the lips on the silicone mask when the jaw opens. This will create a more lifelike appearance when the mouth is opened. It sorta makes it snarl. I started by drilling holes above the canine teeth on the top and bottom jaw. Then I used RC aircraft cables with nylon tubing to create the mechanism.

I had trouble hot gluing the tubes in place, then ended up being ripped off too much.

Next I make a few homemade cable ties and riveted them in place. It worked ok, but they started cracking (I will find professional grade plastic pieces in the future) so I added hot glue for damage control.

The cable ended up being too stiff to move the jaw easily, and kept dislodging the nylon tubes, so I replaced it with a nylon coated steel fishing line. Woot for Gander Mountain being so close to my house!

The finished lip wires. After this, two springs were mounted on either side of the teeth to help keep the jaw closed.

 Below you can see the spring. 

I glued some flexible cloth onto the lip wire so that the silicone sealant would have more surface area to attach to.

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