Wednesday, October 6, 2010

24 days to go

The Halloween deadline is approaching fast, and I still have more to finish. I am still uncertain if I can finish in time, but I haven't given up hope yet. The face mold is complete and I am ready to build the underskull. I am re-mounting the boxes on the bandoliers, they will be more solid. The shirt is latch hooked and I am ready to start the pants.

Things to do in 3 weeks:

Fiberglass underskull
 -cutout out eyes and nose, form smooth edges
Sculpt teeth
Cast teeth
Paint teeth
Install teeth
Cast face
Paint face w/silicone paint system
Hair root face
Make mechanical jaw with lip snarl (this part can wait if I run out of time)
Latch hook pants
Make hood
 -latch hook and attach hood
Install mask attachment system (velcro)
Groom suit
Install snaps for sleeves-to-gloves attachment (still haven't found great gloves, but I will make do with the ones I found)

Ugh, I'm screwed.

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