Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wearing a burlap sack

I haven't had much to post lately, I took another week vacation and spent some time in San Antonio. However with the help of my wife (she did all the sewing for me <3 ), I now have a mesh shirt.

It's a really low shirt, it comes to the bottom of the crotch. It ends up looking like a dress with all the hair on the bottom. I think it needs to be shorter but I am not going to mess with it until I have everything latch hooked.

Click for larger image.

It's interesting to see how the colors look almost completely different in the sunlight, compared to indoors. The darker areas are a lot harder to spot in low indoor light. It's a little hard to tell, but the grey hairs come to just above my hips. It may be a little high, but I can always go back and address it later. It's bascially to meld into the dark color of the pants, to give a bit of a seamless look. Again, it may be too high, but I can adjust if necessary.
The hair is really thick! It looks like a cross between chewbacca and a stuffed burlap sack.

It's kinda sad and bloated, but I know it will thin out with a lot of grooming. I had thought about latch hooking in shorter lengths, and started to do that under the armpits, but overall I think I will stick with the longer hairs (roughly 10 inches) and groom it with my thinning shears. 

I love those things. I picked them up at Petsmart. Who knew.

Anyway, I have a lot more latch hooking and then grooming left to do.

I kept putting my mask off because I didn't want to waste materials or screw it up because I haven't tried anything like it before, but I will get on it next week! I have a little extra free time now that the kids are in school again. 

See ya, and check this out.

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