Friday, August 20, 2010


I was watching "How it's Made" the other day and the episode was about wig making. 
Here is the link:
Wig ! Watch it to get an idea about what the rest of this entry is all about. It's weird though, the version I recorded on my DVR has a guy narrating. Jump to minute 2 for the hackle.

I knew I was going to need to blend some of my Kanekalon hair that I ordered from I Kick Shins, so after watching that, I knew I wanted a hackle and drawing card.

Here is a dealer I found, and most other dealers were all within $5 of each other. $70 for a hackle, and $50 for a Hair Drawing Card set.

Wow, pricey. 
No thanks!
However they looked simple enough that I bet I could make one without too much trouble. So before I started I remembered a tutorial I came across while researching Chewbacca for a hackle. 

I basically followed that tutorial with the exception that I used my favorite Gorilla Glue to hold the nails in.

This was my result, and it works great so far.

For the hair drawing card, I took some thick scraps of leather and my trusty stanley stapler and went to town. I stapled the leather directly to some rigid pink insulation foam board, then yanked it off when I was done.
It holds the hair better than I thought it was going to. hehe.


  1. Sweet! I looked everywhere for somebody who'd made their own. Finally!